The B2B CEO's Ultimate Guide to Building a Marketing Team in Today's Complex Marketing World

A comprehensive guide to help B2B CEOs choose the right marketing model for their business, and avoid missteps so they can build a powerful B2B marketing foundation.

As a B2B CEO, you know it's time to invest in building your marketing function. But what are your right next steps?

In this comprehensive 35 page guide, we walk you through everything you need to know as a B2B CEO in order to make your right decisions around building out your marketing function, including:


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In today's complex marketing world, making the right decisions when it comes to building your marketing function is harder than ever. That's why we created this comprehensive guide.

Does this sound like you?

Like many B2B CEOs, you’ve grown your company to $5+ million in revenue primarily on sales-led initiatives. This means you likely have a well developed sales organization, but haven’t focused as much attention on your marketing function, and don’t have a strong marketing strategy, system or foundation in place.

You know it’s time to get serious about taking a more strategic and systematic approach to marketing. But what are your next steps? What type of marketing support do you really need?

In today’s complex marketing world, it’s hard to know what the right next marketing steps are for the stage of growth you’re at right now.

Should you hire in-house? If so, what position should you hire first – a CMO? Product Marketing Manager? Do you need one person or a whole team? How long will hiring and onboarding someone take? What level of experience do they need?

Should you engage with more marketing agencies to create specific campaigns?

If so, what type of marketing agency do you need? Do you need one agency or multiple agencies to do different things? Who is going to manage the marketing agencies?

Should you bring on a marketing consultant for a single short term project,

like creating your marketing strategy? But then who is going to implement it? Who will set up your marketing foundation and execute your campaigns?

Or should you consider starting with a Fractional CMO and Marketing Team that specializes in B2B

and can give you the leadership, strategy and tactics you need right away? How do fractional models work, anyway?

In this comprehensive 35 page guide, we walk through all the questions you need to answer first in order to make the right decisions around your B2B marketing, including:
  • When to Invest in Marketing? How do you know when it’s time to get more serious about marketing? What are the top signs that your current strategies are no longer working?
  • Best Practices B2B Marketing: What are the best practices in B2B marketing today? What does an ideal B2B marketing process look like, and what marketing steps do you need to take first?
  • Navigating the Complexities of the Modern Marketing World: How has marketing become more complex, and what does this mean in terms of installing a best practices B2B marketing system in your business today?
  • Challenges in Getting Started in Marketing: What are the top marketing challenges for B2B CEOs at your stage of growth? How can you overcome these challenges and choose your best marketing direction?
  • Building Your B2B Marketing Team: What positions make up a best practices B2B marketing team? What are the responsibilities of each position and which ones are needed first?
  • Hire In-House or Outsource? What are the marketing model options available for B2B companies at your stage? Is it better to hire in-house, outsource to marketing agencies, or hire a Fractional CMO and marketing team? They are all solid options, but what are the benefits and challenges of each, and when should each be used? More importantly, which is the right option for where your business is at right now?
  • Choosing Your Best Marketing Next Steps and Managing Expectations: How do you choose your marketing next steps and what should you expect?