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Boost Your B2B Sales Teams & Channel Partners with Powerful Sales Enablement Content to Match Your Customer Journey

Creating powerful sales enablement content is the third step our B2B Marketing Process.

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One of the main challenges for B2B firms is integrated sales and marketing. At NIM, we break down all the silos and take a holistic approach to revenue generation. This means your Fractional CMO will talk to your clients, partners and teams to really understand your customer journey, and partner with your sales and customer success teams to provide the sales enablement materials needed for client acquisition, retention and upselling.

B2B sales enablement is about much more than just arming your sales team with a product catalog and a list of potential leads. It’s about giving them the resources, tools, and knowledge they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive and complex sales environment.

Sales enablement is particularly crucial for businesses dealing with complex sales processes, like those involving long sales cycles, technical products or services, and large buying committees.

It helps ensure that your sales team is prepared to effectively engage with informed and discerning buyers, addressing their unique needs and challenges, and guiding them through the decision-making process.

Sales Enablement Shortens Your Sales Cycles and Improves Win Rates

Effective sales enablement strategies can be a game-changer when it comes to shortening sales cycles and improving win rates.
By providing your sales team with targeted content, training, and tools aligned with your customer’s journey, sales enablement helps to address potential customer questions and objections, speed up the decision-making process, and ultimately close deals faster. It equips your team to move prospects through the funnel efficiently, leading to increased win rates.

How Your Fractional CMO Partners with Sales for Improved Results

We take a strategic and holistic approach to Sales Enablement

Your Fractional CMO will work closely with your sales teams to break down silos and understand the customer journey from multiple perspectives – not just sales or marketing.

Once your Fractional CMO understands exactly what’s working and not working for your sales teams, they will work with your teams to create the support materials they need. This could include:

Educational, trust and credibility marketing materials

Asset 13@2x

Technical product, service and data sheets

Materials for procurement, IT and engineering

Presentation and demo support materials

Templates for emails, presentations and more

If your sales process includes distributors or channel partners, we’ll work with you to create a communication and marketing support system to meet their unique needs, including any training or onboarding materials or portals.

We understand the importance of integrating sales enablement with marketing efforts for maximum impact. That’s why our approach involves working closely with your sales team to ensure that the content we produce aligns with your overall marketing strategy and messaging.

By integrating sales enablement and marketing, we can create a seamless customer journey, where marketing activities nurture leads and warm them up for the sales team, and sales activities provide feedback to refine marketing strategies.


We’ve curated a list of the most commonly asked questions around B2B Sales Enablement to guide B2B CEOs in more thoroughly understanding this topic and why it’s an essential to setting the stage for long-term growth.

Sales enablement is a strategic process that aims to provide sales teams with the resources they need to close deals effectively.

These resources can include content, tools, knowledge, and information related to the product or service being sold.

Sales enablement works by aligning marketing and sales to create useful resources that can help sales teams navigate the sales process effectively. This can include creating case studies, product sheets, competitive comparisons, and more. The goal is to equip sales teams with the right content at the right time to move prospects through the sales cycle more efficiently.

Sales enablement is crucial for B2B companies because they often deal with complex products and long sales cycles. Providing sales teams with the right tools and content can help them communicate the value proposition more effectively, overcome objections, and close deals more efficiently.

Sales enablement can include a wide range of resources such as training materials, product demos, case studies, pricing guides, and more. It also involves training and coaching to ensure that sales teams know how to use these resources effectively.

Sales enablement can lead to more efficient sales processes, improved sales team productivity, and higher revenue. By providing sales teams with the right resources, they can better engage with prospects, overcome objections, and close deals faster.

Integration between sales and marketing is crucial to ensure consistency in the messaging and to align goals. When both departments work together, they can create resources that truly address the needs and concerns of prospects, leading to more successful sales interactions.

Sales enablement makes it easier for sales teams and channels by providing them with the resources they need to effectively communicate the value of the product or service. This can help them address objections, tailor their approach to the needs of the prospect, and navigate the sales process more efficiently.

Implementing a sales enablement strategy can lead to improved sales productivity, shorter sales cycles, higher conversion rates, and increased revenue. It can also improve alignment between your sales and marketing teams, leading to more effective and consistent messaging.


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