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Are you a small to mid-sized B2B firm looking to stand out from the competition, build your authority in the marketplace, enable your sales teams and build the right lead generation and conversion systems that match your complex buying process and ideal clients?

Since 2009, our team of senior marketing leaders and expert marketing specialists have been helping B2B companies with the strategic direction and real-world execution needed to build sustainable growth engines. See the ways we can work together.

Fractional CMO & Outsourced Marketing Team Engagements:

Our Fractional CMO & Outsourced Marketing Team model is specifically designed for small to mid-sized B2B companies that don’t have the in-house senior marketing expertise to create the marketing strategy and guide the ship or the expert tactical marketing resources to make it happen, on time, on budget and with consistency. In this model, you engage us on a monthly retainer basis for as long as you need us.

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Fractional CMO & Expert B2B Marketing Team

This option is ideal for B2B firms who don’t have senior marketing leadership or a full marketing team in place, and need to get going right now. You may have some junior marketing team members in place who need guidance, or you may have various freelancers and agencies doing different aspects of your marketing and you would like to streamline everything and have one source of contact.

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Fractional CMO Only

This option is ideal for B2B firms who need strategic guidance and leadership direction only. You might need someone to come in and help you create your marketing strategy, audit your current marketing, recommend fixes to your marketing, or provide strategic guidance on a specific campaign.

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Outsourced B2B Marketing Team

This option is ideal if you have a marketing strategy and senior marketing leader in place, but don’t have a marketing team to execute on your strategy day-to-day. This is also a great option if you have multiple contractors, agencies and freelancers doing various aspects of your marketing, but it has become hard to manage, and you’d like to move to a single source of contact and a well-oiled marketing team.

B2B Marketing Services:

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Strategy First – 60 Day Marketing Strategy

Our 60-day Strategy First engagement is an ideal way to get started with your marketing. We’ll interview your clients and teams, do some deep research, and recommend a one year marketing strategy and action plan customized to your unique business – in just 60 days. After the 60 days, you can choose to have us implement your strategy as your Fractional CMO and Outsourced Marketing Team, or do it yourself.

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Signature Thought Leadership Content Marketing

More than content marketing, our Signature Thought Leadership Program engages and empowers your subject matter experts and internal teams to become thought leaders in their own rights – expanding your authority and reach. This is the ongoing authority-building marketing you need to power your revenue engine by positioning you as an industry expert, speeding up your sales process, and attracting and converting the right leads for your sales teams.

B2B Marketing Training & Consulting:

Our Fractional CMOs are B2B industry experts and have experience running educational workshops on building your marketing strategy, setting up your marketing systems, and executing your ongoing marketing. They are also experienced hiring and training your marketing teams.

Here are some of our most popular workshops, training and consulting options:

  • Strategy First Workshop: How to Build an Effective B2B Marketing Strategy
  • Thought Leadership Workshop: How to Create a Powerful Content Marketing Machine by Enabling Your Subject Matter Experts to Become Industry Thought Leaders.
  • Marketing Execution Workshop: How to Execute Your Marketing Strategy Efficiently and Effectively
  • Duct Tape Marketing System Training: How to Install the Duct Tape Marketing System in Your Organization
  • Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding: We can support you in hiring and onboarding your right marketing talent