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The Instant Marketing Leadership & Team You Need Now

When it's time to power your B2B revenue engine, our Fractional CMO & Expert Marketing Team is ready to partner with you.

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When your B2B firm has outgrown one-off campaigns and random acts of marketing, you may be thinking it’s time to invest in hiring an in-house CMO, VP of Marketing, or Product Marketing Manager. Especially if you’re doing double duty as the CEO and marketing task manager.

While building an in-house marketing team may be your long term goal, this is a process that takes time – time you may not have right now. Especially in today’s complex marketing world where no one marketing hire can have all the skills you need.

Unless you have the time and budget to hire a complete in-house marketing team, you face the dilemma of hiring either high-level executives who lack the necessary hands-on experience or entry-level employees who are not yet equipped to lead marketing strategies or take on multiple roles.

But did you know that there’s an alternative to hiring in-house? An alternative that gives you an instant marketing team and the strategic senior level expertise you need right now? 

Our fractional marketing model is specifically designed for the CEOs of mid-sized B2B firms that need a more strategic approach to marketing to move past sales plateaus, but don’t have the in-house senior marketing expertise to create the plan and guide the ship, or the tactical marketing resources to make it happen. Or the time to manage all those random acts of marketing, handle marketing agencies, or hire, train and ramp-up an in-house CMO and marketing team right away.

As your Fractional CMO and Expert B2B Marketing Team, you get immediate access to the senior level strategic guidance you need along with a team that can make things happen:
  • Your Fractional CMO has a deep background in leading marketing and enabling sales for multiple complex B2B firms, and will quickly get up to speed on your business and goals, and create the marketing strategy & action plan you need right now.
  • Under the guidance of your Fractional CMO, members of your Expert B2B Marketing Team will be pulled in as needed to implement your marketing strategy, set-up your marketing system, enable your sales teams, and execute your ongoing marketing.
  • Your Fractional CMO will be in your corner with strategic guidance, advice & feedback every step of the way.

The Leadership & Marketing Team You Need Right Now

When you need strategic marketing and tactical expertise now to support your business and sales goals, our Fractional CMO & Marketing Team is your answer.

We’re not a marketing agency that you need to manage. We’re the senior level leadership & marketing team that will partner with you to lead, create and execute your marketing, manage vendor relationships, and partner with your leadership, sales, customer success, and other integral teams every step of the way. We’ve been in the trenches, so we know how B2B firms operate and what you really need.

Isn’t it time to get the marketing expertise you need so you can focus on being a CEO?

Power Your Marketing Engine Now

Here's what you can expect from your Fractional CMO & Expert B2B Marketing Team:
The Senior Level Marketing Guidance You Need to Support Your Business Goals

Your Fractional CMO has a deep background in leading marketing and enabling sales for multiple complex B2B firms. This means we’re able to quickly get up to speed on your business and goals and create the marketing strategy you need for both quick wins, and long term growth. Here’s what you’re Fractional CMO will do:

  • Understand your business and marketplace by Interviewing your clients, partners and internal teams, auditing your current customer journey, and conducting competitive and market research
  • Identify some quick wins that will make an immediate impact
  • Create your foundational marketing strategy
  • Recommend your best practices marketing system and sales enablement materials
  • Recommend your best practices marketing system and sales enablement materials
  • Provide strategic guidance & advice Manage your Fractional Marketing Team and vendors (if needed)
  • Collaborate with internal teams, such as sales, product and customer success Report on outcomes
The specialized expertise you need for today's complex marketing world

Your Fractional B2B Marketing Team provides the tactical expertise you need, when you need it. Best of all, your Fractional CMO will manage your fractional team so you can step away from marketing and focus on being a CEO.

Here’s what your fractional marketing team will do (under the guidance of your Fractional CMO):

  • Implement and execute your marketing strategy
  • Our team of experts will provide everything you need to execute on your marketing strategy, from copywriting and graphic design to technical system set up and support
  • Set up your marketing system and technology
  • Execute on marketing tactics, such as email, online advertising, SEO, association campaigns, or events
  • Create content
  • Update the website
  • Manage social media
  • Run specialized campaigns

A Proven B2B Marketing Approach

In addition to gaining an instant B2B Fractional CMO and Marketing Team, you’ll access our proven B2B Marketing Process, which is the result of NIM’s combined decades of experience leading marketing for complex B2B organizations along with our certification with Duct Tape Marketing. Headed by marketing thought leader John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing is a pioneer in the Fractional CMO model and provides a best practices framework we pass on to you. This process is specifically designed for mid-market B2B firms that have a strong sales or channel partner process in place, but have done limited or ad-hoc marketing to this point.

The insight & actionable plan to achieve your business goals

As soon as you bring us on board, your Fractional CMO will begin a deep dive review of your business, products and services, clients, partners, competitors and marketplace – including interviewing your clients, partners and internal team members.

Following the review, we’ll recommend some quick changes you can make right away to see some immediate results, and then present our recommendations around the marketing direction we think will make the most impact and difference for your firm.

Recommendations that have the best chance of success because they’re based not on
internal assumptions – but on exactly what your clients are telling us.

QUICK WINS: You don’t have to wait until your entire strategy is implemented and up and running to see results. Early in the strategy process (following the client interviews) we will recommend some quick changes to your marketing that we can implement right away to start seeing some immediate results, while we implement the rest of your strategy in the background.

The resilient backbone of your marketing

Next, we’ll bring your marketing strategy to life in the real world by creating (or fixing) your marketing & sales system.

Your marketing system is designed to move your ideal clients through their customer journey from initial lead through to customer and raving fan who refers you to others.

Your marketing system includes all the marketing, sales and educational materials needed to move through every step along the way, all linked together through your marketing and sales tech stack.

Installing a marketing system will help you stop doing random acts of marketing in fits and spurts, and instead create a powerful conversion machine that, once set up, will continuously work for you in the background.

This is the key to future proofing your business and providing the support your sales teams and channels really need.

The key to powering your sales teams

Your Fractional CMO won’t work in a silo. We’ve worked in B2B organizations before, and understand the needs of your internal teams. We also know how important it is that sales and marketing do not work in silos, but instead partner to make sure ideal clients have everything they need at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

In addition to installing a powerful marketing system to support sales, we’ll also partner with your sales teams, customer success, product design and channels to identify and create the marketing, sales and educational materials they need for client acquisition, retention and upselling.

These are the materials that will help to change sales conversations and more quickly convert qualified leads.

Become the trusted expert in your industry

With your new messaging and positioning in place, your powerful marketing system converting leads in the background, and your sales teams equipped with the materials they need to more quickly and easily acquire customers – it’s time to begin your ongoing marketing designed to set you apart as an industry expert.

More than just your standard inbound and content marketing, we help you even the playing field with our powerful Signature Thought Leadership Process. Central to this process is leveraging the expertise of your internal subject matter experts and turning them into thought leaders in their own rights. This expands the authority and reach of your message and You’ll see results not just in client acquisition and retention. By empowering your teams, you’ll improve employer branding and increase employee retention.

Throughout every step in our proven B2B marketing approach, your Fractional CMO will be communicating with you and your teams, and leading your Fractional Marketing Team and any vendors. This way you can step aside from managing day to day marketing tasks and agencies, and get back valuable time to focus on being a CEO.

Plus, because we know that every B2B firm is unique, so in addition to our proven four step B2B marketing process, we work with senior leadership to identify and support bespoke marketing campaigns, and identify and bring in specialized talent when needed.

Discover How a Fractional CMO & Expert Marketing Team Can Help You Power Your B2B Revenue Engine