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There are so many things to consider when implementing your content marketing strategy. It’s enough to overwhelm any busy entrepreneur or even the savviest of business owners. Why not outsource content marketing and save your sanity?

Understanding how to use the right keywords, knowing the best way to promote, making sure the content is succinct, well written, and interesting are just a few things to consider. Never mind having the time to write on a consistent schedule.

Well written content takes planning and the attention of a writer or team who know your goals, the target audience and an eye for understanding how to engage your prospective and current clients.

In most cases, business owners would benefit from outsourcing their content marketing to a reliable company. This is true if you and your team are already at maximum capacity. Here are some of the ways that an outsourced company like mine can help you make the most of the content marketing:

No Need to Worry About the Specifics

Working with marketing company frees up time for you to focus on other important aspects of your business. They say that true leaders know how to delegate, and this is true when it comes to content marketing. If you don’t have time to commit to writing a blog post or producing entertaining content for your website, allowing a professional team to take over is your best bet.

Typically we work with clients to provide the best solutions for their unique needs. You can be as hands-on or off as you like, ensuring that your content still represents your brand without you needing to devote extra hours to writing or producing.

Save When you Outsource Content Marketing

Even if you already employ a top-notch marketing team, they are likely focused on other projects, without the time or resources to produce quality content. Hiring an outsourced company that understands the importance of content marketing ensures efficiency and quality, which will save you money. It also means that consistent new content will be created on schedule and on time. Two things that your audience and the search engines reward.

Top Advice

Think posting on Facebook is as simple as captioning a cool picture and hitting the post button? Although you are an expert in your field with years of industry experience, the world of content marketing is probably a little murkier and can feel overwhelming. With a provider like us in control, you’ll learn about which social media channels to use, optimal times to post, and what types of things you should be posting to engage your audience. Of course, we can do that part for you too.

The Challenge to Outsource Content Marketing

One of the most significant challenges to working with an outsourced company on your content marketing is maintaining your voice and vision. Keeping things interesting can be hard when you are in “marketing” mode. It’s easy for your own content to sound overly enthusiastic or self-serving, which is not its purpose. For outsourced content marketing to work, you must collaborate with a team that knows your vision or marketing strategy and can tastefully incorporate your drive for sales with the information your “soon-to-be” clients crave.

If you’d like a fresh take on how you can improve or create better content, Toronto-based company, New Initiatives Marketing is here to help. We’ve been in business since 2009, and have multiple local and international success stories. We are also certified Duct Tape Marketing consultants, so our process has been proven effective in thousands of businesses just like yours. Call me directly at 416-275-0829 today for more information.


Jen Kelly New Initiatives Marketing Inc.

Jen Kelly is a marketing consultant in Toronto and CEO of New Initiatives Marketing Inc. (NIM) serving growing businesses in Canada and the USA. NIM is the team to call for marketing execution excellence. Contact us today for a no-obligation conversation about your company’s content (information) marketing strategy.

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