Exceeded Client Expectations: Marketing Project Management

Case Study: A brand consultancy exceeds client’s expectations with implementation and execution as their secret weapon


A brand consultancy took on an international client with offices in 11 countries. The first step in their work together was to conduct a discovery session with the each country office team and their customers. These sessions would either be via live videoconference or an online survey. Since this discovery session would span several time zones, languages, locations and required flawless execution, they sought out our help for marketing project management with their client.

Task at hand

We met with the branding team to understand their deep expertise and areas they’d need/want help with on this project. We needed to understand where they felt the challenges would be, where they wanted our support, and areas they wanted us to lead. The first thing we asked was to be introduced to their client as part of the team so the client felt comfortable with us on board. We had to make the management of the information gathering an easy process for the branding team, for the client, and their customers.

Action taken

We researched the client to understand their products, services and competition. We researched the 11 countries to understand the culture, language as well as the key company leaders in each. We found the company to translate the online surveys and translators for the live video interviews. We managed the coordination between all of the teams and customers to ensure all each party needed to do was show up and ask or answer questions – all of the other elements (calendaring, emails back and forth, time zone coordination, translation, cultural sensitivity awareness/accommodation, technical set-up and troubleshooting) were taken care of by our team.


The branding team was able to focus on what they do best instead of trying to manage a vast and complicated project. This helped them to dig in to the research and deliver insights and recommendations to their client faster than they had anticipated. The client was pleased how smoothly and professionally the research gathering proceeded and of course, was thrilled with the quality of business insights and recommendations from the brand consultancy.

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