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In this white paper, you'll learn:

What white papers are, who benefits from them, and what readers expect to gain when they download them.

Five common mistakes companies make when writing, reviewing, and promoting white papers.

How you can overcome these challenges and use your white paper as the foundation of your next marketing campaign.

This is a white paper about white papers.

Why? Because after delivering dozens of papers to companies across industries, we’ve seen just how effective they can be at generating leads and reaching new customers!

If you’re a B2B company, high-tech rm, or organization with a long and complex sales cycle, a white paper can be a valuable thought-leadership tool that helps buyers compare solutions.

Never written a white paper? Tried some campaigns but didn’t achieve the results you expected? No problem!

We’ve worked closely with brands at all dierent levels of marketing experience and in many dierent industries such as:

  • B2B Software
  • IT Services
  • Retail Technology Services
  • Data Analytics Providers
  • Automotive
  • Commercial Design (Interior Design)
  • Organizational Culture Change
  • Scientic Instrument Leasing (Pharma Lab Equipment)
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities (Long Term Care Homes)
  • Real Time Spectrum Analysis

What we’ve learned is that, no matter where you’re at, the best content comes when you dene your campaign goals and follow a dened process.

This white paper on whitepapers will help you overcome the common challenges companies face at each step of the content development process. We’ll walk you through the initial brainstorming session all the way to the promotion and distribution of the paper so that you can condently create your next marketing campaign.

“B2B buyers value whitepapers! A 2021 survey found that 62 percent of B2B buyers relied more on content research than they did the previous year, and 76 percent of buyers are willing to register for and share contact information in exchange for a white paper.”

If you’re thinking about incorporating white papers into your marketing campaigns, or you want to improve your process and create stronger, more valuable content, download the paper today. But don’t take our word for it, our clients say it best:


“Ronin hired New Initiatives Marketing (NIM) to create a marketing strategy for our firm. Prior to working with NIM our exposure to marketing was logos and promotional t-shirts. Let’s just say we were skeptical. However, we were impressed with the process, research, insights, and care they took with our company, clients and employees. The resulting plan is practical, solid and will help us to grow the business.”

Ronin Rescue


“We hired Jen’s firm to help us get the marketing strategy and implementation plan set up for our new product line. They talked to our customers, our suppliers and worked with our internal team to get all elements up and running in a systematic way. They achieved results for the goals we had and the constraints we needed to work within. Always delivering on time, I’d work with Jen and team again.”


“We worked with New Initiatives Marketing to ramp up our marketing programs and were very happy with the strategic recommendations on how to run the programs efficiently.”
Marketing By Hart

“I was impressed with Jen Kelly the very first time we met. Since having the pleasure to work with her company, I can say with all honesty that she is a true pro. She certainly knows marketing and she knows how to serve her clients. Jen is very good at looking at the big picture, and then breaking it down into finer points. She is great with tactics and strategy, and getting the job done. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Jerry Amernic


“Jen worked with my content team for about 18 months and was responsible for several projects from start to finish. She managed many details and personalities with incredible professionalism, while understanding the bigger picture strategy and successfully executed against it.”

Marketing Profs


“I contacted Jen to discuss marketing for 4 large scale projects. After several discussions and learning my needs, she advised her company’s skills were not the right fit for the projects and recommended another agency who was a better fit. I was impressed that Jen took the effort to acknowledge she wasn’t the right fit and recommend a colleague’s company. This speaks volumes to her integrity and care for the needs of her clients.”

Lovell Corporation


“You captured our call perfectly well. Thanks for your superb listening skills.”

Barbara Mowat, GYB


“Experience Al hired New Initiatives Marketing Inc. (NIM) to work with us to execute our marketing strategy as well as do the heavy lifting to get our email marketing campaigns, content creation and social media presence up and running continuously.

The year-long engagement had them wrangling our website developer, translator, a third-party software vendor, our in-house team and our executive team to participate in the marketing initiatives.

Their guidance, implementation skills and ability to meet with us and our vendors and keep everything on track with a smile was key for our fast-moving small business.”

Experience Al


“We hired New Initiatives Marketing Inc. (NIM) to create our marketing strategy and then to develop the content recommended in the marketing strategy. NIM was easy to work with and their experience helped us gain a strategic view of our marketing division and how to move forward. We were particularly happy with how they provided strategic-level guidance to us and worked extremely well with our existing in-house marketing team.

Jen and Nicole, co-CMOs led the marketing strategy including all the customer and employee insights interviews which helped us gain knowledge about what our customers particularly value about being clients of ours. Some of it was really surprising. This helped us with our messaging and being able to focus on the things we do well that our customers said really matter to them.

The NIM team of writers and designers created the foundational content for our team to execute on.”

North American SaaSfor Creative Agencies


“The white paper process worked great. It covered all our points and positioning for us.”

Richard Harada, Systems With Intelligence Inc.

Download Demystifying White Papers: How To Get Better Content and Generate More Leads now:


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