Business Tip – Start Outsourcing Online Reviews

outsourcing online reviews

Managing your company’s online reviews is a vital piece of your online reputation.

This engagement can be time-consuming to do well. Best results come when you solicit reviews soon after your customer makes a purchase or has a positive experience with some part of your business service. Outsourcing online reviews may be a good option for your company.

It’s possible that some of your reviews may be from less-than-satisfied customers. These reviews are just as important – if not more important – as the raving fan reviews.

Outsourcing to Manage Your Online Reviews

Outsourcing the management of your online reviews is beneficial and a real time saver for your business. Through outsourcing to a reputable marketing company who has your best interests at heart, you are giving away the complexity of managing these reviews – which can come in from a variety of platforms such as Google, Yelp! and social media accounts to name a few.

Most customers want to leave you a positive online review. It can be a hassle to actually DO so. What do I say, where do I click, which platform should I leave the review on? These are all hurdles to them actually doing so and most often they just won’t.

Working with a marketing company that can run online review campaigns for you can solve this problem.

We have the time and dedication to success to work alongside you and your business to maintain engagement with these reviews. Through the creation of positive responses and informative conversations, external marketers can cultivate meaningful relationships with the individuals – aka clientele – behind the reviews. They can also help boost the likelihood that clients who had a great experience will share that with a rave review.

Why Outsourcing Online Reviews Benefits Your Business

Outsourcing online reviews is a vital facet of a successful marketing strategy these days. Most often, online reviews are honest and truthful accounts from customers and clients who have invested in and utilized your product or service. They are also a factor in SEO results. Google rewards businesses with preferred placement to companies with multiple 5-star reviews.

Buying habits continue to evolve; especially online. With so much available information, customers can make informed buying decisions easily and efficiently. Reviews from fellow consumers are most likely to be taken seriously by prospective customers when buying a product – especially if they have no prior experience with purchasing from your company. Wondering just how much these buying habits matter? Nuanced Media shares this eye-opening statistic:

“Consumer reviews are significantly more trusted — nearly 12 times more — than descriptions that come from manufacturers, according to a survey of US mom Internet users by online video review site EXPO.”

We manage successful review campaigns for a variety of business clients. We bring experience and the ability to develop successful methods to generate new reviews for your specific industry and client base. We also focus on a consistent process that means getting reviews regularly.

Outsourcing your online review management has the power to improve your sales while providing you with a solid base of inbound traffic by generating positive reviews from loyal and happy clients.

Online reviews are not just for local businesses or restaurants. Learn how your sales team can best utilize your online reviews to close more deals.



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