Ask a Fractional CMO: Do We Have a Leaky Buyer’s Journey?

Do you have a leaky B2B marketing funnel?

In this episode of Ask a Fractional CMO, we answer this question from a B2B leader: “We have a revenue problem. How does fixing our buyer’s journey help?”

In plain language, what this question is really asking is: Our revenue is slowing – why are more leads not the right answer? We love this question because it really points to the importance of lead conversion when it comes to diagnosing your revenue problem.

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We find that when B2B CEOs notice they’re not bringing in enough revenue, they immediately turn to lead generation to fix the problem. But what we often find, is that the real issue is in converting those leads that you bring in.

Many B2B companies have what we call “leaky” lead conversion systems, which means qualified leads that should be converting are leaking out of the system for whatever reason. When we diagnose a client’s lead generation system to check for leaks, we often find that the issue is that the lead conversion system does not match the ideal client’s buyer’s journey.

This means that the steps the company puts in place are not the way an ideal client prefers to buy, so the the buyer will drop out and go elsewhere. Some of the most common issues we find are:

  • Interrupting prospects with sales calls too early in their journey.
  • Not responding to clients’ outreach in their preferred method of communication.
  • Not giving prospects an easy way to do their own research, and forcing them to contact you to continue their process.

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