11 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Fractional CMO

11 Signs it's Time to Hire a Fractional CMO

B2B CEOs often realize it’s time to engage a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) when they reach a certain trigger point.

Maybe they reach a revenue plateau that’s hard to move past…

Perhaps they notice that their current strategies for attracting and converting leads are no longer working…

Or, they might be struggling to set themselves apart from the competition –  even though they know how amazing their products are services are…. 

Here are some of the common signs that your B2B organization might find itself in a position where  it’s time to engage a Fractional CMO:

  1. Navigating Uncharted Growth Phases: As your B2B company navigates growth, you might encounter uncharted waters. Rapid expansion, entering new markets, or scaling operations can stretch your marketing capabilities. Engaging a Fractional CMO provides access to seasoned expertise that can guide your marketing strategies through unanticipated challenges.
  2. Overcoming Revenue Plateaus: Revenue plateaus can be frustrating for any business. If your B2B company has hit a ceiling in terms of revenue growth, a Fractional CMO can inject a fresh perspective and new strategies. Their insight into market trends and revenue-focused approach can help you break through stagnation and chart a new growth trajectory.
  3. Enhancing Sales Efforts: If you’ve grown your B2B company primarily on sales-led initiatives, you eventually reach a sales plateau that’s hard to move past by making more sales calls or hiring more salespeople. This is a sure indication that it’s time to invest more seriously in marketing to boost your sales efforts by bringing in more leads, bringing in leads that are more qualified, or qualifying your leads through strategic marketing.
  4. Elevating Marketing Impact: If your ad-hoc marketing efforts haven’t been yielding the desired impact, it’s time to reassess your strategy. A Fractional CMO can review your existing initiatives, identify gaps, and introduce innovative approaches that rejuvenate your marketing campaigns and resonate with your target audience.
  5. Integrating Ad-Hoc Marketing: B2B companies that have been using marketing contractors or agencies here and there for ad-hoc campaigns to support their sales efforts can benefit from a more strategic approach to marketing that helps to integrate and streamline these efforts.
  6. Managing Transformational Shifts: B2B companies undergoing significant shifts, such as product diversification, organizational restructuring, or digital transformation, require adaptable marketing strategies. A Fractional CMO with experience in navigating such transformations can provide insights that guide your marketing through these changes.
  7. Leveraging Specialized Expertise: Introducing new products, entering a niche market, or targeting a specific industry often demands specialized expertise. A Fractional CMO with relevant industry experience can craft strategies tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your marketing efforts align with the intricacies of your target audience.
  8. Reinvigorating Stale Initiatives: If you’ve been relying on the same marketing strategies for a while, it’s natural to see diminishing returns. A Fractional CMO can revitalize your marketing initiatives, introducing innovative ideas that capture your audience’s attention and rekindle engagement.
  9. A Third-Party Perspective for Existing Marketing Leaders: For B2B organizations with a senior marketing leader already in place, such as a CMO, VP of Marketing or Marketing Director, it’s easy to get busy and overwhelmed with the day-to-day demands of marketing and it can be tough to allocate resources to reviewing or updating the marketing strategy.Plus, over time you become closer and closer to the business, and it can be important to get a neutral third-party perspective. A Fractional CMO can be an ideal option for either of these scenarios.
  10. A Senior Leader & Strategic Guide for Junior Marketing Teams: Some B2B organizations may have a marketing team of junior professionals or a single person on staff who could benefit from working with a more senior strategic marketing leader. A Fractional CMO is an ideal option to bring in needed strategic thinking and senior-level marketing guidance to help your junior teams thrive.
  11. Guiding Resource Allocation: In a resource-constrained environment, making the most of your marketing budget is crucial. A Fractional CMO can help you allocate resources strategically, ensuring that your investments yield optimal returns and contribute directly to your business objectives.

Is a Fractional CMO Right for You?

Fractional CMOs offer flexibility and expertise without the long-term commitment and expense of hiring a full-time CMO. You access high-level marketing guidance without the need for a permanent executive-level hire. Best of all, you get the instant senior marketing leadership you need, now. 

To help you make important decisions around hiring and working with a Fractional CMO, we’ve created a comprehensive eBook: The B2B CEO’s Ultimate Guide to Hiring & Working With a Fractional CMO.

In this eBook, we walk you through the six most important questions B2B CEOs need to answer in order to build their first marketing team and choose the right marketing model for their stage of business:

  • What is a Fractional CMO?
  • Benefits of Working with a Fractional CMO
  • Is a Fractional CMO Right for Your Organization?
  • Choosing the Right Fractional CMO
  • What to Expect from Your Fractional CMO
  • Working with your Fractional CMO
  • A Typical Fractional CMO Engagement and Cost

You can download the eBook RIGHT HERE.

If you have any questions about this blog post or the eBook, send an email or book a consultation time.

Jen Kelly leads New Initiatives Marketing, Inc., a Fractional CMO & Expert B2B Marketing Team company. Since 2009, our team of senior marketing leaders and expert marketing specialists has been helping B2B CEOs with the strategic leadership and real-world marketing execution needed for practical, long-term results.

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