Buyer’s Journey: How Many Places Do We Have to Be?

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We can often feel as though we have mastered our marketing simply by having a website. The reality is that it takes work to generate business through a website; adding a URL to a business card isn’t going to get it done.

The information superhighway is loud and energetic, congested and jammed with information. According to Internet Live Stats, there are 935 million websites.

How can a business make sure that its voice is heard over the noise on the internet? With so much competing for customer attention on the internet, is there a way to make sure people can find your business?

More to the point, how many places does your company need to be in order for potential customers to get to know about your products or services?

Website. Social Media. Call a Friend.

Enough about us, what about the customer. What is the buyer’s journey like when starting to find information about a product or service they need or want?

According to Forrester: Consumers engage with an average of 11.4 sources of information before buying a product.

When consumers begin searching for information about a purchase, they turn to the internet. They may find your website, or a competitors. They may turn to social media, blogs and video, talk to a colleague, attend a seminar, visit a showroom.  To increase the likelihood that they come in contact with your information during their journey, your information needs to be where the customers are looking.

More online platforms

This means having our information available in more places.

Depending on your ideal client or customer, your information may need to be on blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora or other platforms.

Think outside “the online box” as well. Presenting at a conference or training? Your slide decks, handouts and presentation video and audio recordings can all be posted online to increase your exposure and provide even more opportunity for customer engagement.

The more places you are, in relation to where your ideal client is, the better the chances that they will find you during their search. If during their journey of interacting with 11.4 sources  of information your company is the one that stands out, and is most helpful to them,  that person just may become your customer.


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