The secret to marketing strategy

Here’s a secret…marketing works when execution gets done. And done right. The perfect strategy, plan, desire and thought only becomes real when execution happens.

Far too regularly, common and basic execution errors occur because It’s like this: after months of training fit and talented athletes, a coach can carefully consider the competition and develop an excellent strategy and perfect game plan. However, on game day the players have to show up, work as a team and actually deliver results. They have to effectively execute or they lose.

those tasked with getting it done often:

  • Have weak project management skills
  • Discount the importance of marketing tactics
  • Lack understanding of how the various elements come together

This only weakens, neutralizes or completely blows up otherwise solid marketing strategies. A lot of time and money invested developing good strategy and vision gets wasted by bad execution. There goes your ROI! Too many times the failures and disappointing results gets blamed on the planners and strategy. Many times, this is off the mark. Consider looking for inadequate, amateurish or a complete lack of execution.

Learning the secrets of effective execution can carry strategic plans right to the bottom line. Exactly where they should be – delivering profitable results!

Excellent, intense and expensive planning and strategy development can be left in the starting blocks if the runner doesn’t know how to run the race. Alternately, too often a “going through the motions” execution or casual “anybody can do the execution – all it involves is getting work done by the deadline” approach produces unsatisfactory or worse yet, no results. Naturally, the plan and strategy get blamed for time and money burned. But bad execution can be the culprit.

So read on and together we will change that.


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