Why Partner Events Increase Business Relationships

Hosting an industry event, seminar or workshop can be an ideal way to get in front of  your potential clients and build business relationships.

One way to do this is to partner with another company who has a complementary offering to a similar audience.

Partner to increase your skills

As an organizer of the event, partnering will get you access to skills you may not have. It’ll expand your reach to a new audience. Your money can go further. And you share the work needed to make the event happen.

Partner to increase business relationships

From your audience’s point of view, they get exposed to a group of people they may not normally meet. This is good for them as it is a chance to expand their network. They are able to learn about your/your partner’s offering which may be a match for their needs.

Two events I attended in June held their events with partners and it worked out well.

Example: business owner partners

The Canadian Women Executives and Entrepreneurs (CAWEE) partnered with the GroYourBiz Toronto chapters for their annual High Tea event. I participated as an audience member. It was helpful to be exposed to a group I don’t normally interact with and learn more about CAWEE. A couple of business leads came out of that event.

Example: marketing group partners

The Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) partnered with the Marketers Unbound meet up. The Marketers Unbound took the lead on this event and CAMP members were invited to participate. It was an event geared toward technology demos and pitches. I participated as an audience member. It was helpful to have the deep dive into technology products geared towards marketing professionals. And, of course, to meet new people in the industry.

If hosting an event with a partner sounds like it may work for your business, the next post will give an action plan on how to make you partner event successful. 


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