More Mileage Out of Your Blog Post

Increase your blog mileage before anything else

Does this sound familiar? You spend time writing your blog post. You put it online. You share it to your social networks (once). You wonder why it doesn’t get more exposure.


Write once, share 75 times

OK, maybe not 75 times. But you get the idea. Why not take what you’ve already written and share it more often?  I’ll use Twitter as the example social network and explain this concept.

I’ll describe it just like a recipe you’d follow for something to cook for dinner tonight.


Start with good content

This recipe, like all good recipes, urges you to use the very best ingredients, in this case, a very good/helpful/applicable blog post.


Recipe for More Blog Mileage


  1. One blog post with a headline and three sub headlines
  2. Three hashtags applicable to your blog post and audience. For this example, we’ll use the hash tags #b2b, #b2c and #marketing



  1. Take the url of your blog post and shrink it to a bitly link
  2. Pull out the headline, your three sub headlines and set aside
  3. Take the headline, pair with your bitly link and one hashtag.
  4. Follow with the next two hashtags
  5. Now follow with each of your three sub headlines paired with your three hashtags
  6. This is what you’ll end up with: one blog post = 12 different tweets to use to promote the blog.

More blog post mileage


Before repurposing

By following this recipe, your one blog post has become 12 available items to share on Twitter. You took your content, and without re-writing or repurposing your blog (that can come next) you are able to get more mileage out of your blog post.

Have you found other ways to get more mileage out of your blog posts?

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