The Silver Bullet for Marketing Strategy

Silver Bullet for Marketing Strategy

Most Thursdays, I get the opportunity to moderate the MarketingProfs PRO seminars. These are marketing talks with 100+ audience members who have paid to tune in live to hear a featured guest speak on a marketing topic for about 45-60 mins.

We follow with a live Q&A session thanks to the comments and questions from the audience. These sessions are recorded. The audience members and anyone with a PRO membership who couldn’t catch the show live, can listen on demand at any time.

Marketing Strategy Still Matters

This week Scott Stratten, co-owner of UnMarketing kicked off the show with a lively example of marketing done well. His opening story referenced the Ritz Carlton and a famous story of a lost stuffed animal.

This story got the live audience commenting like crazy, sharing great stories of their own experiences with the brand. Scott’s point being – it is emotion that carries stories like this – not product features. If you want your company’s good stories to travel, you need to put in the work doing things that connect emotionally with your customers.

It seems like no marketing element was left untouched in this seminar. Scott covered 3D photography, AI, direct mail, email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, trade shows and video. Essentially giving the audience a wake-up call: the latest and greatest marketing thing may not be the best way to reach your customers, and every marketing element is not dead – it all still works if done right, done well and is applicable to your audience, your customers.

And don’t get him started on B2B vs. B2C marketing…there is a human buyer on the other side, and they have emotions…connect with them whether selling enterprise software or coffee.

Scott’s no-nonsense style will have you laughing, nodding and re-thinking your own marketing thinking.

Give this one a watch.

Learn more about Scott Stratten’s MarketingProfs PRO seminar: Age of Disruption: Everything Has Changed and Nothing Is Different.

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