3 Kinds of Video to Use in Your Marketing

You’ve probably heard that it is more important than ever to use video in your marketing materials. You may agree, but be wondering HOW to do this. What type of video should you use? What would you say? Do you have to be in the video?

I’ve found three examples of videos from three different companies. Each have a different look, feel, budget and purpose.

One is a training video, one explains the work a company does and the third explains how to get started with an online service.

Each video was filmed using different techniques:

  • The training video uses ‘real’ people, in a studio using professional actors, lighting and videographers.
  • The promotional video uses animation and an analogy to describe what the company does and how they work with clients. This was done with a professional team to script and animate the video.
  • The third video is the only do-it-yourself version, filmed with the company founder providing the voice over, and the entire recording being done on the computer screen while the user walks the viewer through each step of the sign up process.

Have a look at each three to get ideas on how other companies have done this and learn how you could put video to use in your marketing efforts.

Training video

This training video is on the demo reel from Donna Santos Studio, the team who shot the video. The company is Corporate Class, who use this video for training clients virtually when in-person training is not possible.


Promotional video

Next is a promotional video for Big Tree Strategies, a consulting firm focused on large company clients. They are using an animated video to explain what they do.


How to video

Third is a quick “how to” video. This video runs only 70 seconds, was shot on a computer with the purpose of explaining to a potential user, how to sign into a social media service.


Hopefully these three examples have given you some ideas on how to add video to your marketing efforts. Let me know if you’d like to talk through any ideas or if you want recommendations on a few professionals to talk with.



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